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[ what do you call a one v one hunting session? a date?

Buck didn't know, and frankly, he didn't care, although it was difficult to express to the hunting lodge owners exactly what business they were on. Hunting with a coworker, he'd explained, and the lady at the front desk gave him a nod and wink as if his words had a deeper meaning. She did however, drop an interesting piece of information once he'd handed over his guns registrations, that another group of men had just passed through as well, with the same heavy artillery.

maybe they were gear queers, military wannabes, or just crazy Quebec militia. Not his business, but Buck still kept it in the back of his mind. He'd planned on them being the only ones out and hunting on the acres; having several others skulking about only meant the chances of him and Val getting accidentally shot had only infinitely increased. Wearing neon orange safety vests was for losers.

He'd prepared with the minimum necessary, with a bivy tent as the only comfort he'd taken along. A hunter who couldn't live off the land didn't deserve the title, and all that fancy gear the rest of Rainbow loved was nothing more than a crutch in his mind.

He came dressed as usual, in full winter gear with a civilian overcoat the only indication that he wasn't on a mission. If anyone expected Buck to have any fashion sense beyond what was practical would be sorely let down. let it be known the only reason he has a beanie in a color besides black is because Frost gave him one for Christmas. ]

Ready to move?

[ maybe? yes? he doesn't wait for an answer. he tosses over a shortwave radio, in the high chance that cell connection would be close to nonexistent in bumfuck Canada. there's no briefing before this little exercise, and it's strange to be with Val and not get one. he shrugs, giving his beard a small stroke as he considers exactly how this'll go down. ]

I'll scout with you for the first few kilometers. Once you find your own track, we'll separate. Sound good?
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Born in Montreal, Canada, Côté always wanted to lead an unconventional life. In order to attend University, he enrolled in the Regular Officer Training Plan and was accepted into Université du Québec. It was here that he earned a Bachelors degree in Arts and Criminology.

After graduation, he became a MP in the Canadian Army. After his service had been completed, he joined the Canadian Mounted Police and eventually became part of the Emergency Response Team. He was trained in a variety of anti-criminal tactics such as Hostage Rescue and Special Protection Operations as well as international drug smuggling. After excelling in his position at the ERT, he was invited by the Canadian military to rejoin and become a member of Joint Task Force 2.

Highly pragmatic, Côté will always take the shortest distance between two points. He is not one to mince words, or become hyperbolic. He enjoys simple mechanical devices to the more high tech arsenal employed by other members of Team Rainbow.


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"ʙᴜᴄᴋ" — sébastien côté

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